Sunday and Monday 13th and 14th Apr

Sunday was awesome for the kids (as usual). But this time, they also studied for sometime. We had a few visitors – Vamsi (Infosys) visited Sphoorti along with his wife and parents. Incidentally it was his wife’s birthday and they chose this day to donate new clothes to all our kids. We had already got the clothes stitched and readied for distribution. Everybody was happy, the kids; Mr and Mrs Vamsi and his parents too.

Sampath (Saanthwana) visited Sphoorti after quite some time on Sunday. His cousins brought lunch for all to mark their son’s birthday. The lunch was sumptuous and delicious. We also had the opportunity to meet a gentleman – a real estate businessman who is embarking on an audacious task to build a Home for 100 children soon. He visited Sphoorti to get a feel of what happens in a Home like ours. Glad that we get to meet people who want to enter this field.

Sri Rama Navami was well celebrated by our children. They went to the Temple for Kalyanam, Paanakam and Annadaanam. For the better part, the day was full of festivities and excitement. It was Aswini’s birthday and she distributed Mysore Paak sweets to all the inmates.

In the evening, a lady visited Sphoorti to admit her children in the coming months. Hers was a very moving story. Her husband physically harassed her for years and one fine day deserted her for good. She has three children, two sons and a daughter. The youngest son is mentally retarded and has been placed in Sri Vidhya Center for Special Children ( She wanted to admit the elder children here.

After cross-checking with Sri Vidhya’s Director Shanti Venkat, we agreed and assured the lady that the children can stay at Sphoorti starting May.

Each time I encounter, such people whose lives are full of grief and despair, I realize that it’s just a matter of luck that I am NOT an orphan, NOT a destitute, NOT illiterate, NOT a physically NOR a mentally challenged person.

These PRIVILEGES are meant to be shared with our not-so-privileged brethren. And we hope SPHOORTI ( could be your platform to do so.

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2 Comments on “Sunday and Monday 13th and 14th Apr”

  1. velcro Says:

    touching man.. just want you to know that we really appreciate what you do.. and this post jsut reminded me of how lucky i am.. makes me feel that comparaively my problems are not so hard to resolve..

  2. srivyal Says:

    thanks shiva .. heartening to know my blog is worth reading … and commenting 🙂

    Srivyal Vuyyuri

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