The Worse (Hindi exam) is over

All these days, I have been a little tensed about the children’s performance in the ongoing annual exams, but my worry grew because of the Hindi exam. Most of our kids never had any exposure to Hindi before coming to Sphoorti as most were in government school then.

Even now, after a few months of schooling here, many do not understand the meanings of words written in Hindi. Now that the exam is over,we have to specifically concentrate on improving their knowledge and exposure in the language.

Teaching kids how to read and write in Hindi would be our priority item besides painting, dancing and music. Any volunteers, please write to me at

We will also goad, wheedle, coax and cajole kids into conversing in English more often and gain fluency in the near future. Saanthwana’s PC would help us in doing so. I am planning to use Callan’s ( method to teach spoken English.

We have made some changes to our existing diet plan. We have replaced morning Ragi porridge with curd rice and milk at night with butter milk. We will increase the intake of buttermilk as summer progresses.

Srivyal Vuyyuri (

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