Javascripts on Sphoorti site (

Some of you would have visited Sphoorti website ( and noticed some scripts on the home page (the donate button and the routemap link) and also the Gallery page. The scripts are awesome and incredibly simple to implement, and most importantly they are available for free. You may search on Google for info on how to use these scripts. And wherever you can, I urge you to use these javascripts.

The scripts are

1) Prototype.js and Scriptaculous.js – I will be indebted all my life to the creators (Sam Stephenson and Thomas Fuchs resp.) of these scripts

2) Reflection.js

3) Three files for the iPod Coverflow effect – you will fall in love with this one 🙂 (

4) Instant.js and Corner.js

5) Lightview (

6) Lightbox (

We will keep using more javascripts as these awesome programmers keep developing new and exotic stuff.

Srivyal Vuyyuri (

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One Comment on “Javascripts on Sphoorti site (”

  1. Preeti Says:

    Another proof of your extreme dedication to these kids…keep it up Srivyal 🙂

    And like you always know..we are always there for you & the kids >:D<

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