When you want to touch someone, send them a letter! When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? Not an SMS (txt msg) nor an email but a REAL, hand-written with paper and pen, sent in a stamped envelope letter.

Not long ago, for many of us, writing letters was the only means of communication over distances. But now, the addiction to instant communication has made us treat the art of writing someone a letter some kind of an ancient art-form. Moreover, the speed of SMS and emails is not fast enough for some of us. A bevy of abbreviations being invented these days leave people like me fazed. And whether we realize it or not, there is a great danger in the loss of the letter.

Letters have been made redundant by electronic communication which lacks a physical presence unless it is printed out (which governments and environmentalists discourage these days). This means that emails of love (which would once have been love letters); conversations with siblings or pals about families and friends will never be available to historians to discover aspects of our lives today. We are slowly becoming more and more isolated and insular in our views. The internet has broken down communication barriers on a global scale, but it has also built new ones on a local level.

If you think about the importance of letter writing throughout history, you will reckon that most of what we know about the beliefs, ideologies etc of many famous historical figures has been collected from their letters – personal and public correspondence. Letters are useful to historians because the character of famous people and their thought processes can often be revealed more clearly in informal communications (letters) than in official documents (biographies, textbooks etc).

A letter is a personal thing, even more now because we receive so few of them. It is all about sharing, it implies reciprocity and creates a two-way relationship. Letters matter because they are personal in an increasingly disconnected world, and because they take time and effort to produce. In short, writing a letter is giving a gift of oneself.

So, today, make a small gesture that will bring someone bit of happiness. Think of someone you care about, turn off your computer, and write them a letter. Who knows, you may soon be getting one in return 🙂

Srivyal Vuyyuri (www.sphoorti.org)

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6 Comments on “LETTERS!!”

  1. Penki Pinky Says:

    Nenu ippatiki letters raasthaanu…to my best friend who is in kolkatta. And also used to write letters to dad and mom, when I was in Aus

    I just love writing.

    Thats really a nice read. I agree with your views.

    And I laugh on the things like, two people talking on phone while staying in the same house to call for a dinner or something as the service provider gives free calls to same network people. Technology ruined communication really! Else how beautiful it would be to hear the yell loudly “Pinkyyyyyyyy…dinner ki ra”. Hihhi

  2. Ravi Says:

    Nice image and worthy write up. Especially that sentence ‘ The internet has broken down communication barriers on a global scale, but it has also built new ones on a local level.’

  3. bapineedu Says:

    Yes, its true instinct communication has reduced the sole importance of letter. It has made the use of our minds minimum and has made us more like a machine. In older times letters were written not just with our mind but with our soul with a lot of thinking and creativity. The message we send through instinct communication only contain a message but not our thoughts. Our thoughts are what matters in our history.
    Truely, the relationships in the present time are not as strong as the previous times. Hope the relationships doesn’t break down much in the future.

  4. Haritha Nalluri Says:

    Yes letter writing is the creation of meaningful beauty (or beautiful meaning) by means of words, which thus both create and express who or what we are.
    When it comes to a good letter, each time is the first time. The words become ours. We become the words. So that only after things are what we say they are, can they really be what they are to begin with 🙂

  5. Priya Says:

    Naku kuda Letters wrayadamante chala Istam. Na friends ki nenu Letter Pads ni Gift ga Istanu. Coz, Naku kuda vallu Letters Vrastarani. 1st page lo Nenu Wrasi istanu.

  6. tanuj Says:

    realy amazing latters

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